Daily Feed #2: Insight into a new role – the way to do Right Things

This year, I ventured into a new role as the Head of Department of  Design Thinking & Business Innovation Dept @ The Planning Forum – an intra college association . After toying around with the concept to find a right answer for the question, “What is Design Thinking?” I found a sense of satisfaction after arriving at this meaning of Design Thinking – A tool which spearheads the process of creating ideas evoking “the user experience” at its centerpiece. 

Further introspecting into the component words – there is light at the end of the tunnel – Design is the portrayal of one’s vision for the product. Thinking is what you do when you novate. The entire process in a corporate set up is driven by the ultimate user experience. 

Astonishingly, the premise of my limited experience has been the two driving factors of Design Thinking – transplanting reality into innovation. Reality can be explained as the difference between you and the future you; both of “you” will know the reality but in a different horizon of time. Innovation is something with drives you towards the future.

A new perspective showed itself as I researched & attended workshops. Nobody can thrive on belief and ideas by itself cannot sustain. Let us not rush to think outside the box ; first – look what all is in the box. The next step is to reinvent those that you find in the box by applying the best of your creativity.

Daily Feed #1: The First Post Adventure

Tonight I published my first posts on this blog.

The day started off well as the reserves of Cornflakes were replenished early in the morning. But there was something unusual.

Usually, I lie on the bean bag after breakfast, skimming the 28 page newspaper. Today, I had an urge to revisit the memories of school.

I have always been a conventional person. Given my parents too embody the same approach, I am more like the Grandfather sorts in comparison to them. I like the mighty pen and the smooth paper to translate my thoughts into words. I lay there peacefully reminiscing and writing about the innocent way I used to put a water-bottle around my neck and have a safety-pin tied kerchief on my shirt during the primary school. I also wrote about my days as the President of the Student Council. The photos on one of my close friend’s Facebook Wall contributed to the throwback phase I was in. I flipped through the pages of my diary which I have been writing since the 10th of May, 2008. I was petrified to see the gaping difference of language.

The pages of my dairy reflected the way in which I have matured, perceived and grown up through these years. All the events which occurred during the day seemed secondary except that particular instance which has been the longest moment of introspection in my life. It was the one wherein you realize all through these years you have grown to inflect a change.

A change is necessary, I cannot continue to live suffocated brimly within the bounds of time imposed by the imposters in the name of education and career. Since if I were to die in an hour’s time, my deepest likings and flairs, if unfulfilled would accompany me through the eternity as unquenchable regrets. Something which made me tremble from inside.

This day I made up my mind that apart from focussing on my future education and career goals, I shall also undertake efforts to translate my passion to find something “real and innovative” and simultaneously create an open journal of my life, as I work everyday to accomplish and love.

The blog is up and the sky has drawn the curtains to welcome the night in whose embrace I slumber in peace. Tomorrow is the day of a conclusive event, which I must attend wide-eyed and with calm nerves.