About Me & the Blog

Hi! I am Mit Mukesh Hariyani, an over-imaginative & persuasive 18-year old college student who loves the company of his friends. I was born in Mumbai (India) and have spent my entire life (until now) here. Unforgivably, I have started dancing to the fast-paced tunes of this city so I might appear to be straight-forward in my views but I do have a burning flair for authorship.

Having studied in a school well-guided by the principles of morality and humanity, I draw my inspiration from almost all the “everyday” people I meet. In my early schooling years, I developed a taste for debating and MUNing, since then I have learnt to perceive different situations (both Social and Political) and I do it in my own sweet way (sweet? 😉 ). The “Reality” part of this blog is firstly an update about certain INTERESTING events from round the world and secondly it would be a mouthpiece of how would I deal with a particular situation differently or what do I think of it. Somewhat like a more fun-filled newspaper which in its Page 3 gives a turnaround to the special events through a uniquely rendered imagination.

As I entered the college, I was awestruck with the quotient of hard work and creativity which my predecessors had achieved. The bar of “Cool” was set quite high. As my days in college progressed, I enriched myself with the experience of the two most important events in my junior college years. First being the 2014-15 Investment Competition organized by the Knowledge@Wharton High School and Aberdeen Asset Management wherein our team “The Titans of Dalal Street” had the distinguished honor of being declared as the runner-up team and the next being the 2015 Australian eChallenge, a Business Plan Competition, organized by the University of Adelaide.

It was during the course of these two events, I realized that “Innovation & Creativity” stood above all of us; while we would sit by the bay snacking and cursing how we were to go to work the next day or sit relishing the view of our lady love in the college, at the same time the mediocre geniuses would be muddled up thinking about how could they instate a change in the world around them or ease the difficulties of those who sat cursing by the bay. Innovation, according to me, is something which all of us have the capability to bring about but do not have either the direction or the assent to undertake. The “Innovation” part of this blog is inspired by the works and words of great entrepreneurs, visionaries and respectable thinkers. But I am here to offer insight and information about specific innovations which interest those of us, who are like-minded. And to those, who differ in their views, there is yet another contesting opinion to fight about in the Comments section!!

As we all are the riders of the same beautiful caravan of humanity, if you find a particular event tickling your wits and are eager to know what do I think about it or what would it be if it was not the way it turned out, you can tweet (@HariyaniMit) or post on my timeline on Facebook (Mit Hariyani), a link of any legitimate news source reporting the event and I would take it up as my next post in the “Reality Section.”

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