Those who have wept because of it, understand it.

While the anxiety levels are drawing their sullied power over our tenacity from the current atmosphere, the stinging upheaval of remorseful moans fills the soul of those looking forward to their morning tea or evening walks.

Touted as “The Last Sunset” – photo of an 87-year-old man returning from CT Scan with this doctor in Wuhan, China

A stricken feeling of loneliness while being cut-off from the entire world is overwhelmed by the sudden sense of loss. The mind wanders to moments of the past to seek their presence in those good-ole’ days only to stare into the abyss of the present.

The possibility of this experience being surreal for thousands of people is the burden that the crown bore until now. It has been the pursuit of more than a billion people to scourge the pandemic from the face of this illustrious earth.

If these appeals fall on deafening ears, it does not make those who do not heed them, right. It makes them a culprit at best and a victim at worst. Not a single day goes by when I do not empathize with the tremors of pain inflicted upon the thousands across the world.

In the loneliness of his exile, and in the gloom of the rains, his ailing body needed a little tender nursing. He longed to remember the touch on the forehead of soft hands with tinkling bracelets, to imagine the presence of loving womanhood, the nearness of mother and sister.

Rabindranath Tagore in “the Postmaster”

There is a sense of mystery that drives a quelling to seek answers to a boundless question – when will this end?

#Reality of Today – Step 1 towards ascertaining our Right to Life

There has always been a time in the history of this great caravan of humanity when sinister strikes the ignorant and the innocent alike. A time when the reality of today is perplexing and intimidating our very way of life. A myriad of emotions settles in our hearts as the disease plants its foothold globally. The Spanish Flu, the H1N1 outbreak, the Ebola virus and more recently the Nipah virus, all begot qualms in the startled population but none as much as the threat of unknown we face now while attempting to contain the novel Coronavirus or the Covid-19’s excruciating will to be omnipresent. 

Having given up the control of our workplaces, restaurants, and beaches while we attempt to shelve the remainder of our lives in the disinfected cocoons of our homes, it may feel like humanity has consented to the overlordship of the Covid-19 virus. A characterization agreed to be a case of a bad PR disaster by the faltering leadership in many regions of the world while in actuality, it is an effort to create a sanctum for the existence of our posterity.

Social-distancing and adopting cautionary advisory tips issued by WHO and respective health ministries are, in fact, a rebel-move against the virus which has confronted us with not only a major public health crisis but also with an unsettling economic condition. 

This moment calls for resilience, discipline and empathy, a combination of qualities befitting the brave soldiers of humanity – the healthcare workers, the delivery and sanitation personnel, and other stakeholders actively engaged in the containment of the pandemic. The entire world needs to emulate their psyche to “flatten the curve.” A task which is absolutely necessary to ration the burden on our health infrastructure.

The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.

John F. Kennedy

Reflecting on this thought, we must know that in this situation that our actions today shall cast a direct impact on every man’s “Right to Life.”