Daily Feed #2: Insight into a new role – the way to do Right Things

This year, I ventured into a new role as the Head of Department of  Design Thinking & Business Innovation Dept @ The Planning Forum – an intra college association . After toying around with the concept to find a right answer for the question, “What is Design Thinking?” I found a sense of satisfaction after arriving at this meaning of Design Thinking – A tool which spearheads the process of creating ideas evoking “the user experience” at its centerpiece. 

Further introspecting into the component words – there is light at the end of the tunnel – Design is the portrayal of one’s vision for the product. Thinking is what you do when you novate. The entire process in a corporate set up is driven by the ultimate user experience. 

Astonishingly, the premise of my limited experience has been the two driving factors of Design Thinking – transplanting reality into innovation. Reality can be explained as the difference between you and the future you; both of “you” will know the reality but in a different horizon of time. Innovation is something with drives you towards the future.

A new perspective showed itself as I researched & attended workshops. Nobody can thrive on belief and ideas by itself cannot sustain. Let us not rush to think outside the box ; first – look what all is in the box. The next step is to reinvent those that you find in the box by applying the best of your creativity.

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