Point of View #1: Could ‘Planet X’ cause Comet Catastrophes on Earth?

dnews-files-2016-03-kbo-670x440-160330-jpgOn reading the idea of a comet striking our planet Earth or even a remote possibility of it elucidates the “Holy Sh*t!” response from every person. Besides, the writer Ian O’Neill is already well versed with this hype!

As the article narrates the dramatic discovery history of “Planet X” rather as a matter of fact the entire innuendo, I have serious admiration for these astronomers who are striving to track down “evidence for a massive wanting world” in the infinity of Space.

As a matter of fact, the existence of a “Kuiper belt” and a few haphazard objects orbiting around our Sun ‘x’ or ‘y’ light-years away won’t be of any interest to the daily working guys. But the news of them falling apart from their natural course of orbit to distort the life on earth, would send the crowds into a frenzy.

As O’Neill describes the failing hypothesis of  Doomsday which was supposed to take place on Dec. 21, 2012, I cannot stop myself from thinking about what would have happened if it had occurred? (“2012”-Movie playing in my head!! XD) In real terms, I still remember that day of 2012. On the next day, all the news channel anchors felt the trauma of the Christmas holiday time they had wasted, sensitizing the viewers towards this ought-to-be massive occurrence. That too in such a fashion, on the so called “Doomsday,” the anchors prepared themselves mentally to die on the news sets  reporting the mass destruction LIVE for the last attempt to soar TRPs. The desperation was so evident that I believed (being the kind of kid I was) they would close their nostrils and die, to prove the truth of at least a fraction  of what they had said or portrayed.

Anyways, coming back to the profound work of scientific inquiry illustrated by O’Neill in the article, the theory following it has found all its pieces in their right place, suggesting a calculated conjecture perfectly believable to an extent but not explicitly true. I confer to the term “believable” rather than “true” because holding it “true” upfront would amount to losing hope in the perpetuity of human race in the coming millennials.

I completely agree with O’Neill when he remarks this period as one of the most interesting times of planetary discovery of solar system because the existence of this “Planet X” would determine the existence of our future generations on this “blue” planet; and if we succeed in figuring out the presence or absence of such a mass planet, no other inheritance of the future generations could match it.

I believe so because all of us want to leave our footprints in the sands of Time and all the generations until now have acted responsibly by conserving the culture, traditions or any other property (although in varied forms) bequeathed to them by their ancestors. It would be disheartening not only to see the entire humanity vanish but also to witness the consumption of our Earth by the flames of a million times larger carnage.

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Picture Credit: Discovery News

2 thoughts on “Point of View #1: Could ‘Planet X’ cause Comet Catastrophes on Earth?

  1. Neat response to this theory. I personally am quite glad we didn’t blow up, haha. But I was reading a NASA article which states that there is no evidence for Nubiru, or Planet X, and that it was merely an internet conspiracy theory. An interesting tidbit- recent space research has actually lead to the discovery of a possible ninth planet in our solar system, detected only by the gravity it has imposed on other celestial bodies. It is SO far away, but still orbits our sun!
    Anyways, sorry for those random facts, I love science and especially outer space and I am really excited to find this blog that talks about them! This is an awesome blog, keep up the good work 🙂


    1. Thank you Vivian for such wonderful facts! I am pleased to hear from you and also appreciate our common interest. I feel your blog is the perfect vent for the pent up artistic passion in you and you deserve true applause for creating that which is an absolute delight for everyone. Thank you once again and stay tuned.


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